Foundation of European Initiatives in Silesia (FEIS) was founded in 2010. Its main objectives are: development of civil society, promoting european awerness, inclusion of people excluded or at risk of exclusion to participate in social activness, mobilization of young people to participate in public affairs and promotion of cultural ​​and geographical values of polish province - Silesia in Europe.


Since its beginning the Foundation has been proactive in organizing youth exchanges. Until now FEIS had completed eight projects under the Programme "Youth in Action", during which developed such  topics as: future of the European Union, youth entrepreneurship, youth participation in democracy and volunteering in general. The Foundation also participated as a partner of the third sector in the project Comenius - Regio, implemented by the district of Będzin. FEIS pursued also a number of activities at the local level. One of them was a long-term action "Friendly FEIS of volunteering", during which the volunteers of the Foundation organized meetings with youth in schools in aim to promote the concept of volunteering and speek about practical side of this activity. FEIS has also supported a number of other activities. Their volunteers took part in a series of training courses, projects, exchanges and actions at international level. Currently, the Foundation's headquarters is located in Bytom, and the level of its activity aspires to be a regional.

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