Young people found and showed positive examples of these relationships. They were particularly concerned on areas, marginalized on history lessons and in the media, that are relating to science, economy and culture. Thanks to this approach it was possible to find common ground for building open and active attitudes among the youth from both countries. In addition, the time spent during the project,  helped in exploring the common European values and mutual knowledge of culture. The result of the project was an interactive presentation composed, from selected by participants, historical examples from the two countries. In addition, during the exchange, young people tried to: "fix" difficult history between Poland and Ukraine, shared their national and regional cultures and learnt how to work in a multicultural environment. By results of the project youth proved that modern patriotism is attractive for them. All activities were implemented by the participants themselves, in accordance with the principles of non-formal education. The organizer of the project was the Foundation of European Initiatives in Silesia and Roman Catholic Parish of the Holy. St. Peter and Paul in Rivne.

"(Re)writing history" was an youth exchange, implemented in the frame of Polish - Ukrainian Youth Exchange Council. It was the result of youth involvement in 14 – 16 aged, studying in Bytom in Poland and in Rivne in Ukraine. The main objective of the project was discovering forgotten stories from the history of both nations. Especially, in the context of the recent dialogue focusing mostly on the difficult topics between neighboring countries.